Hey, I'm
Tom Hessburg.

I'm a software engineer based in Orlando, Florida. I co-founded SkillSpace, helping thousands of construction companies, crews, and skilled tradesmen connect and build working relationships. Most of my day is spent thinking about stupid (but sometimes not stupid) product ideas, coding, and playing with my dogs. I also write and perform music under the name Baron Fields.



Software Developer (Co-Founder)

SkillSpace • Full-Time • Jan 2021 - Now

Orlando, Florida

Planned, designed, built, and launched SkillSpace alongside my brother Frank. Grew from 0 to thousands of users, facilitating thousands of connections, and generating millions in ecenomic opportunity for construction companies, crews, and skilled tradesmen across the US.

My primary role is handling product. Responsibilities range from designing and building an MVP for iOS and Android, hiring and managing independent contractors to help iterate on our initial idea, building out our web app, and launching new features based on user activity and feedback. I also assist with things like marketing and al that fun stuff.

Software Engineer

Wayfair • Full-Time • Jan 2020 - Jun 2021

Boston, Massachusetts

I worked on the bidding & optimizations team creating tools for marketing analysts and data scientists. Tech stack used during my time here includes Java, PHP, Python, Spark, React, and more.

Some of the projects that I've worked on include:

- A suite of tools used by marketing analysts to directly drive efficiency in hundreds of millions of dollars of ad spend (React, Java, Dropwizard, Python, Vertica, Hive, MSSQL, Presto and more)

- "Forge"framework for designing jobs which pipe billions of rows of data daily (Python, Aerospike, Spark, Hive)

- Custom data analytics user interfaces which allow analysts to track performance of ad campaigns over time (React, PrestoDB, Vertica, Java, Dropwizard)

- The"Generic CSV Uploader"API which has cut development time of new CSV upload utilities (we've got many of them) down from a week to day (Java, Dropwizard)

Software Engineer

Freelance • Full-Time • Mar 2020 - Nov 2020

Orlando, Florida

Planned and built a custom project management solution for a large construction company.

Took project specs, ideated with client, designed and implemented solution and integrated the product into their day to day work flow including training employees.

Solution provided has saved 5+ hours per week for 10+ employees (hundreds of thousands per year in $$ saved), increased communication efficiency between departments and subcontractors and dramatically simplified a core function of the business.

Music Producer/Audio Engineer

Freelance • Full-Time • Jan 2013 - Now


Engineered, mixed, mastered, and released hundreds of songs both for myself and for others, collectively garnering 10's of millions of listens across SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming platforms.

Cofounded an independent record label which has garnered millions of plays across tens of releases including drops from some of the "underground bass music" scenes biggest names.

Performed music live for thousands of people across the US.

Team Lead

Lambda School • Full-Time • Jul 2019 - Dec 2019


Assisted students through Lambdas computer science curriculum, teaching things like algorithms and data structures using Python in effort to help students land their first positions in tech.

Led a team of 8 students through full product development lifecycle over an 8-week project unit, including product releases, debugging, code reviews, and stakeholder management.


Various Companies • Full-Time • Aug 2015 - Nov 2018

Various Locations

Traveled as a welder and fitter working for tens of companies from large oil companies to small fab shops. Most of the work was 60-80 hour weeks performing time sensetive tasks like power plant turnarounds, building large oil and gas storage facilities, tanks, and structures.



My brother Frank and I have been running SkillSpace since late 2020. Many fields in construction (for instance drywall and roofing) do not hire individual tradesmen. Instead, they hire independent labor crews. Until now, this process has occured either through Craigslist or via word of mouth. We created SkillSpace to modernize this process, and have grown our user base to thousands of people.

iOSAndroidReact (Next JS)React NativeNodeGCPFirebaseServerless


Crewly is a project I built for a large roofing company in Apopka, Florida. It's project management software, helping this company to plan and execute thousands of projects per year, and saving tens of hours per week for their employees. If you're interested in checking it out, contact me for access.

React (CRA)NodeExpressPostgresKnex JSHerokuWeb Sockets


WIPs is a free royalty-free music library for content creators. Think Unsplash for music. I offer thousands of songs and sound effects which I've crafted myself to anyone who needs them for use in the in their content, commercial or otherwise. Paying customers get access to additional content, as well as stems and higher quality audio files. Set for release mid-2022.

React (Next JS)TypeScriptNodeExpressWeb Audio


Lambda School (now Bloom Tech)

Lambda School is a 6+ month Computer Science & Software Engineering Academy that provides an immersive hands-on curriculum with a focus on computer science, software engineering, and web development.

Icon Collective

Icon Collective is as much of a "family" as it is a "school". Icon offers courses in music production, management, and singing. I took their 1 year music production course where I learned the in's and out's of audio engineering and production. During my time and Icon, I was able to build a following of thousands around my music, reach millions of plays, and launched an independent record label with one of my teachers and mentors (Great Dane).

Tulsa Welding School

Tulsa Welding School is a 7 month program where students are taught structural and pipe welding. I graduated highschool 6 months early and attended Tulsa between my early graduation and the beginning of the next actual school year. After graduation, I went on to work a hand full of years as a welder and fitter before finding my passion in coding.



The best way to contact me is through email or LinkedIn (I'm not much of a twitter guy). Give me a shout here:

Email: thomas.hessburg@gmail.com

LinkedIn: @thomas-hessburg

Tech I Love

Not to give a cookie cutter answer here, but I believe that the best tech for the job is the best tech for the job. That said, I do have some go-to tech that I love working with.

My choice tech stack for personal projects is GENERALLY (but not always):

  • • React (Next JS)
  • • React Native
  • • Typescript
  • • Node
  • • Express
  • • Postgres
  • • Redis
  • • Firebase (whole suite of tools)
  • • Netlify
  • • Heroku

Some other tech that I love and/or have built at scale with:

  • • Python (Flask, Django, custom frameworks)
  • • Java (Dropwizard primarily + a bit of Spring)
  • • PHP (custom frameworks)
  • • MongoDB
  • • MySQL
  • • InfluxDB
  • • Aerospike
  • • Presto
  • • HDFS/Hive
  • • Vertica


GitHub: @TomHessburg